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  • Hoof Trimming Preparation

    Hoof Trimming Preparation

    Ryan sets the hoofs in preparation for his high-quality hoof trimming services.

  • Trim Rite Tools

    Trim Rite Tools

  • Our Family History

    Proudly serving the agriculture industry since 1977 Our family business based in Ontario Canada, has been providing hoof trimming locally and internationally using only the best techniques and quality tools and supplies since 1977. Our passion for the animals we care for Our hoof trimming tools and supplies are the used every day in our…

  • Cow comfort – video

    Cow comfort – video

    Ever wonder about the comfort of the cattle during daily operations and the hoof trimming process?

  • Feeding for better feet

    Feeding for better feet

    Over the years, I have come to understand that nutrition and foot health go hand-in-hand. I learned that rations are directly related to laminitis, and laminitis is often the reason we have sole ulcers, which are a major lameness concern. I have also learned that the largest cause of lameness is denial. If you don’t…

  • Trimming chute or table? Does it matter?

    Trimming chute or table? Does it matter?

    The question, “Which type is least stressful for the cow?” is being asked more frequently, with opinions being expressed both ways.

  • Pictorial of the Trimming Process

    Pictorial of the Trimming Process

    Photos of the trimming process

  • Chute vs. the Tilt

    Chute vs. the Tilt

    We have all heard the stand up chute vs. the tilt table argument. Those with stand up chutes have made claims, “the cows are calmer”, “it is not natural for a cow to be tilted”, “we can trim 150 in a day.” Well I’m here to tell you from having experience using most of the…

  • Make sure your cows get off on the right foot

    Make sure your cows get off on the right foot

    With 20 percent of the average herd suffering from lameness – an ailment that negatively affects milk production and fertility rate and can lead to premature culling – taking care of your cows’ hooves is a key element of effective herd management. That’s why it is important to have a total hoof care system to…

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