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Quality Hoof Care LLC Colorado says:

Smoothest trimming wheel I’ve ever used. The consistency of the cuts make it very predictable and promote confidence in use. Garrett Dow

Vic’s Custom Clips Quality Hoof Care says:

As a professional trimmer since 1984 and an educator in hoof care for dairy cattle since 2006, it has always been a vital point of reference to have quality tools that are easy to use and durable. After trimming dairy cattle feet with a hammer and chisel, knives and nippers, it’s been a great boon to me and many other hoof trimmers to see quality cutting wheels available on the market. I have used many models and brands of cutting wheels from North America and Europe. I bought my first cutting wheels from the late Albert Ham, from Eastwood, Ontario who manufactured a tremendous set of cutting disks for trimmers and farmers. I recently had the opportunity to use a wheel (Model KM3400) provided by South-Western Hoof Trimming Services designed to their specifications carrying on the work of the late Albert Ham. I believe Albert would be pleased with the machining and balance of this wheel. It handles very well with an excellent balance. The three teeth open slot carbide bits easily cut hoof and leave a very nice finish on the sole and toe fronts of the foot. I was able to easily model out the solar horn area of the toes and felt no negative vibration coming up my wrist and arm. This is an excellent caliber of wheel for the professional trimmer or a knowledgeable farmer who can trim their own cows’ feet. Sincerely, Vic Daniels. Proprietor of Vic’s Custom Clips Quality Hoof Care – Est. 1094. Arva, Ontario