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Our Family History

Proudly serving the agriculture
industry since 1977

Our family business based in Ontario Canada, has been providing hoof trimming locally and internationally using only the best techniques and quality tools and supplies since 1977.

Our passion for the animals we care for Our hoof trimming tools and supplies are the used every day in our own day today, so we know what works. 

Our hoof trimming discs are manufactured locally from high-grade aluminum with custom designed carbide inserts creating a very precise smooth cutting edge.

Trimming discs easily fit on an angle grinder and are available in 4 or 4.25 inch with options for 3 and 4 cutting inserts. Our cutting inserts have bilateral cutting edges allowing you to use both sides and can be resharpened many times before needing to be replaced.

Sharpening services are available or you can purchase your own sharpener to maintain your tools in house, a popular solution for commercial hoof trimmers.

Southwestern Hoof Trimming, your source for all parts and services needed for safe and efficient hoof trimming.

Now shipping internationally