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Servicing herds from 20 to 1000+ milking, we work with farmers to develop a custom schedule that mutually benefits the cattle and farm operations, while ensuring health and production are the priority.


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Our services include providing all supplies and equipment needed to clean, service, and dress herds to the owners specs.  Optimally it is recognized that good trimmers craft hooves with high level heel, short toe, and high scoring range to support good health in animals. Recommendations and veterinarian referrals are also provided to maintain herds longevity of good health which ultimately should reduce injuries and servicing emergencies.  Having an annual or quarterly servicing plan in place can prevent costly visits where trimming is trying to make up for delayed treatments or negligence.

We take great pride in our workmanship, striving to provide your herds with the best quality service. Our work is an attribute seen and recognized by feed salesman through to veterinarians as farmers show off their herds.