Having grown up on a farm where your day starts and ends with looking after your animals, we understand the importance of the service we provide.

Our customers, many who have become good friends over the years, have come to trust Southwestern Hoof Trimming as a tried and true, reliable family business. A business that has adapted with the dairy industry as it has evolved over different generations of successful farming practices.


Southwestern Hoof Trimming services have been enriched through teaching and assisting students from around the world and across North America.  Teaching alongside veterinarians and other related professionals in the field has allowed us to expand our experience and network of agriculture professionals. A team approach and understanding how to effectively leverage the best from each role has been our practice to helping farmers. Simply put, you can’t beat the proven experience of a team working together.


Our passion has not been limited to work and teaching.  Participation in school co-op programs, sponsoring events or shows has allowed us to support the next generation with their pride for agriculture and farm life.  Guest speaking at dairy clubs and feed company meetings has also proven to be very rewarding, providing future and current farmers an opportunity to share experiences with farming related experts.  Witnessing this passion from others always energizes and affirms our chosen profession. We truly love our job.


Allow us to show you our passion and professional service to assist you in maintaining your herd, developing a hoof care program that will be beneficial for your cows, and your bottom line.